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Member Resources 

FPL Resource Structure & Program Office Support 
30 July 2013
Download this document to view the FIX Trading Community's resource structure 


Logos and Templates 

FIX Trading Community Document Templates
29 July 2013
We encourage you to use the Word and PowerPointTemplates templates when producing any FIX Trading Community related documentation such as minutes, presentations, etc
FIX Trading Community Logo 
29 July 2013
Download this file to access the FIX Trading Community logo
FIX Trading Community Regular Member Logo 
23 July 2013
FIX Trading Community members are invited to promote their support for the organisation through the use of the membership logo on their website or in marketing documentation
FIX Trading Community Premier Member Logo
23 July 2013
FIX Trading Community Premier Global Members are invited to promote their support for the organisation through the use of this logo on their website and within marketing documentation
FIX Trading Community Brand Guidelines 
23 July 2013
If you would like to use the FIX Trading Community brand name or any of the organisation's logos, please review these guidelines in advance of doing so for information about how they shoud be applied

UBER Dial In Numbers 

Global Dial In List
Click here to view a list of international toll dial-in numbers used for FIX Trading Community committee, subcommittee and working group calls


Policies & Procedures 

FIX Trading Community: Accounts Payable
31 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Annual Budget Process
31 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Best Practices Template 
23 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Best Practices & Press Release Distribution Review Process 
27 Jan 2014
FIX Trading Community: Communications Policy
29 July 2013 
FIX Trading Community: Competition Law Policy
28 January 2016 
Click here to view the competition law compliance slide presentation. Use the following link to listen to the recording of the training webinar. (
FIX Trading Community: Data Retention
16 June 2016
FIX Trading Community: Election Process
29 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Event Hosting Guidelines 
29 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Guidelines for 3rd Party Contra Deals
29 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Expense/Travel Policy
31 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Leadership Descriptions
19 March 2014
FIX Trading Community: Membership Invoicing Process 
31 July 2013
FIX Trading Community: Member Firm Administrator Guidelines 
16 January 2015

FIX Trading Community: New Group Charter
27 August 2013

FIX Trading Community: Press Policy
21 February 2014



Sept 11 Tragedy Memorial 
27 September 2001
Our Friends... Our Colleagues... A tribute commemorating the colleagues we've lost. 


Statements of Understanding 

FPL and Object Management Group (OMG) 
12 September 2008
FPL and South African Securities Lending Association (SASLA) 
21 September 2006
FPL and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team (TWIST) 
1 July 2005
FPL and International Primary Market Association (IPMA) 
14 February 2005
FPL and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) 
12 September 2003
FPL and Futures Industry Association (FIA) 
31 July 2003 


Survey Results: Members Only 

2005 Global Survey Results 
23 November 2005
This document provides the results from the 2005 FIX Global Survey