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Who Uses FIX?


FIX® has become the way the world trades. Virtually every major stock exchange and investment bank uses FIX for electronic trading, alongside the world's largest mutual funds, money managers and thousands of smaller investment firms. Leading futures exchanges offer FIX connections and major bond dealers either have or are implementing them. Identifying an exact number of users is impossible, as FIX is a free and open standard, but it is very clear that the world’s financial community now speaks FIX.

To provide an indication of how some firms use FIX, the following information has been provided. These details have been submitted voluntarily as a survey of different strategies for integrating FIX connectivity into production systems.

Market participants are invited to post information about their use of FIX on this page. To do so, please contact your firm's FIX Trading Community™ website administrator to update your company's profile.

Postings are the sole responsibility of the FIX adopter. As FIX Trading Community is independent and neutral, it does not endorse any FIX adopting firm.


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