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Through committees, subcommittees and working groups, FIX Trading Community™ aims to identify the key business and regulatory challenges impacting the industry and develop market-led solutions that drive their resolution.

These groups offer a neutral industry forum encouraging open discussion and participation from all member firm representatives. Taking part presents considerable value, enabling members to enhance their understanding of key issues, gain access to information in advance of the wider community and benefit from significant networking opportunities.

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Interested in joining a FIX Committee, Subcommittee or Working Group?
Go to the group page, slide out the menu list on the left hand side of the page and "request to join group". Please note you must be logged onto the FIX Trading Community website to access this option.

Global Steering Committee

closed to members / 38 followers

Global Steering Committee

FIX Trading Community

Product Committees

Service Committees

closed to members / 157 followers

Global Buy-Side Committee

FIX Trading Community

closed to members / 148 followers

Global Technical Committee

FIX Trading Community

Regional Committees

closed to members / 539 followers

Americas Regional Committee

FIX Trading Community

closed to members / 634 followers

Asia Pacific Regional Committee

FIX Trading Community

closed to members / 114 followers

Japan Regional Committee

FIX Trading Community


If Members participate in a FIX Trading Community Committee, Subcommittee or Working Group, any IP created or generated through such participation is created for the benefit of the Committee, Subcommittee or Working Group, is created outside the general course of employment, and will vest in the Trust. Members will execute all documents and do all such acts as may be reasonably necessary to give effect to the terms of this clause, including after cessation of membership for any reason.

Competition Law Statement
FIX is committed to the full respect of all applicable laws, including competition law. It requires members and their representatives to observe a similar commitment. In participating in a FIX activity, each FIX member and its representatives must avoid any action, decision or agreement that is contrary to any applicable law, including competition law, or which might be seen as a failure to comply with any other applicable law.

FIX directs members and their representatives to read the FIX competition compliance policy.

This policy is applicable to all FIX activities, including meetings (e.g. of committees, working groups, technical groups, and sub-groups), social functions, and communication (whether by representatives of FIX or its members), representation at industry functions, use of the FIX website, consultation and guidance on market and regulatory developments and the collection and distribution of statistics and other information related to the industries and sectors in which it and its members operate.

Failure to adhere to these principles may result in a person being excluded from FIX or specific FIX activities, and/or in a report being made to the appropriate regulatory authority.